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Santa Claus

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1 Christmas Ave., North Pole
1 24 12 2019 0000

Personal profile

One of the few people who maintained lifelong job with no change of employer or position. Going by „If you have a job you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life”. Responsible for manufacturing, logistics and delivery of all Christmas wishes according to the requirements in the ordering system. Customer focused, delivering festive cheer to families all around the world. Managing team of spectacular Santa's helpers. Relying on help and support of Mrs. Claus. Probably little OCD, checking everything twice.
The first man to visit 195 countries, fluent in 7111 foreign languages with close and trusting relationship with over 2.4 billion children. Skilled cookie taster and sleigh driver. Known by legendary red suit and long white beard. Reindeer owner.

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288 - 293
Master of Santa Business 
Administration (MoSBA)
University of Lapland, Lapland, Finland
The best university R&D project: 
Development of the Children's Wish Ordering System
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Sleigh driver with no traffic accident
World Ministry of Transportation
Customer choice award
International Organization for Customer Rights
The best invisible public figure
United Nations Organization
Kid's choice award
The best boss
Santa's helpers trade union
Animal welfare award
International Veterinary Society
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Work Experience

293  - present
Founder & CEO
Santa Enterprise International
  • monitoring the behavior of more than 2.4 billion children and monitoring the criteria fullfilment for achieving the level of "good child"
  • research and development, testing, production and packaging of toys and various miscellaneous items
  • holder of Yoyo trademark 
  • freelance consultant for companies such as Hasbro, Mattel, or Lego
  • participation in Christmas family and corporate parties during November and December worldwide
  • coordination of HR processes regarding candidates for Santa's helpers with  Mrs Claus
  • Personal write-off for correspondence sent to Santa;
  • participation in the production of movies, fairy tales, books and TV shows
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Time Management
Entertainer and Joy Bearer
Quick Adaptation to Different Time Zones
Reindeer Fleet Management
Personal Branding


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Foreign Languages

7111 foreign languages
reindeer language
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6th Sense
Letter correspondence
E-mail Correspondence
Ordering System Management
Attention to Detail
Flight Maneuvers
Beard Maintenance 
Mistletoe Cultivation
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Driving licence

reindeer-powered sleigh - no restriction
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Santa Tracker
in collaboration with Google
Idea-Maker & Architect
Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland
  • Managing construction work of a detached Santa Claus Office in the Arctic Circle
  • Santa Postal Services Headquarters
  • Customer Center Headquarters
  • Opening hours: 365 days a year
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Hobbies and Interests

  • cookie and milk tasting 
  • use of environmentally friendly transportation such as self-propelled sleigh rides
  • chimney sweeping
  • snowball fights with Santa's helpers
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References from current clients
Children around the world aged 0-18
References from former clients
All grown-ups
International Parental Organization
All parents of children, including those who are already adults
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